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The day forty years ago that Pete McDonnell first grabbed a crayon and scrawled it across a piece of paper to express himself, he had, unbeknownst to him, found his calling in life. Soon after his eyes could focus on the comics pages and the TV set, Pete found that he responded to the colors and design of comic art. His early influences were George Herriman (Krazy Kat), Walt Kelly (Pogo) and Mort Drucker (Mad magazine caricaturist). Fast forward a few years, and Pete found that pushing a pencil for a living made for a nice lifestyle (late to bed and late to rise). Now married for ten years to wife Shannon, he now retires early and rises early, just in time to have a hot bowl of cereal with his son Jacob.


Green Giant

The A & E Channel

Sports Illustrated for Kids

The Washington Post


J. Walter Thompson Advertising

National Geographic KIDS magazine

The Weekly Standard magazine


Marvel Comics

Oakland A's

Rolling Stone magazine

Sega of America

Neiman Marcus
comic book style ad insert
I created a oversized comic-book style brochure called 'The Hip Addition', presenting a new line of clothes and accessories for young men & women.

Advertising Age magazine
Cover and ten interior spots March 30th 2009
Advertising Age hired me to create a cover and ten interior spot illustrations for their annual 'Digital Issue'. This piece showed ten superheroes that represented various companies and brands that create effective digital advertising and promotions.

Judicial Council of California


I studied drawing and illustration at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA, and the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. I began free-lancing full time in 1985 in a studio in downtown San Francisco. I began working with my representative, Linda de Moreta, in 1990. I started doing storyboards for ad agencies in 1996, and did hundreds of TV boards for many different companies and products, such as the Nestle's campaign for Butterfinger candy bars, which re-introduced The Simpsons as confectionary pitchmen. I continue to work for a wide assortment of clients, locally, nationally and internationally.



Neiman Marcus